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F-type (waterproofing only)

Product Description:
This product is refined from natural polymer materials, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, can be quickly dissolved in cold water to form a transparent viscous solution, formulated at any time at the construction site, ready to use.
usable range:
The site needs to do waterproofing and other waterproofing products is a good substitute.


Clean water was added in the barrel 20kg, agitator, so that the water in the bucket when running fast, the F-type powder bag 500g- times poured into water, stirred for 2-3 minutes, add a 50kg bag of cement, stirring after evenly, you can use, when used, like cream, as approved putty construction, scrape the thickness of l-2mm, using the bathroom waterproof material, paste tiles will not fall off, waterproof better. Facades use of the material, the first layer of external wall scraping, and then paste the tiles, exterior paint, etc. do, there is absolutely no water to seep into the wall.

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