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JS composite waterproof coating

Product Description:
JS composite waterproof coating is a green waterproof coating, recommended a national residential building waterproof coating. The material is a composite material made of an organic liquid and inorganic powder made of two-component waterproof coating with high flexibility of organic materials, inorganic materials double features good durability, high strength can be formed after the coating tough waterproof coating.
JS composite waterproof coating can be based on wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, gypsum board, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS membrane, APP membrane, polyurethane and so on construction, industrial and civil buildings old and new (example: houses, walls, underground, tunnels, bridges, ponds, reservoirs, bathroom, kitchen) can be used.
* Primary surface smooth, solid, no sharp objects, dust and out of water, oil cleaned;
* Yang angle and pipes etc. should be made of the root of the arc-shaped, overcast corner radius greater than 25mm. Sun angle radius greater than 5mm;
* Must first leveling uneven and cracks, leaks must first plugging process.
* If you need to add water, first in the liquid compound with water, add the appropriate amount of water can be adjusted to meet the construction facades and different parts of the plane. Blender while stirring while slowly adding powder, stirring for 5 minutes, stirring until evenly substandard feed pellets, with a good material should be used within two hours, otherwise it will affect the viscosity increases construction;
* Fill in the groove seal material embedded in the yin and yang angle, root canal and other details should be many times (2-5 times) brushing, underground works should add a layer of carcass reinforcing material;
* Large-scale construction waterproof coating should be painted many times, usually three layers brushing, brushing special projects according to five layers;
* Usually each brushing time interval of 8 hours to extend the winter, every time the film thickness of 0.4-0 5mm as well, again not too thick, facade construction should be no water or less water as well, in order to avoid paint flow;
* When overlay matrix material, the carcass should be paved, no wrinkles, lapping less than 100mm, construction of the first paint painted again, after brushing paint laid on top of another;
* Following the waterproof coating layer is completed after acceptance sets of cells respond to the finished product protection.
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