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Charcoal paint

Our bamboo charcoal paint used is natural bamboo as raw materials, temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius, in the absence of oxygen dry distillation charring. Bamboo charcoal porous factor easily absorb the added advantage of nature, make charcoal paint has a humidity effect, can effectively reduce the moisture and too phenomena. And has the function of natural charcoal adsorption of formaldehyde, the coating having a greener effect. Window condensation can effectively curb the proliferation of mold and indoor environment. At the same time that the use of nanotechnology charcoal paint also has a sustainable release negative ions, potent anti-mildew stain, scrub resistance, lasting bright paint durability and other characteristics. Charcoal L highly developed sub-gap structure has a huge surface area, its strong adsorption force field can purify potent poisonous air molecules, to purify the air.
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