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Automatic Hot-pressed Card Packing Machine


This machine LWLB600 is automatically controlled by PLC and operated on touch screen human-machine friendly interface. Welding by adopting hot-pressed and pressure-pressed technology, card sending and film conveying by stepping motor, which ensures high speed and stable work of the machine.
Applicable to pack telecom mobile phone card in bulk
1、Incorporating film sending, card sending, packing, material separating and material collection.
2、Packing film is conveyed with specially made rubber wheel, which is stable and flat.
3、Automatic testing for overlapped cards, no card and no film and the machine will halt in case of error.
4、Applicable for packing standard cards of over 0.25mm.(Paper card, PVC and ABS, etc.)
5、Applicable for various packing film with thickness over 0.025mm.
6、The second feeder can be installed to pack double cards or insert users manual in one bag.
7、Welding by adopting hot-pressed and pressure-pressed technology which ensuring high speed and firm welding.
8、Single-card packing or multiple-card packing function and card collecting quantity can be set.
9、Welding with double mould, changing of mould is easy, and the size of the packing bag is adjustable.
10、Inspection system can be added as per customers request, which inspecting accuracy of the series number and bar code of the cards.
Power source
AC 380V/50 HZ
Control method
PLC program+ step system
Total power
1 person
Air source
6 kg/cO(no water)
Overall dimension
Air consumption
Approx 50L/min
Packing material
BOPP etc packing film
Approx 600Kg
Film thickness
0.025mm~0.035 mm
Max 9000 pcs /h
Specification of film
Width after folding 120 mminner diameter 3 inchesouter diameter less than 450 mm BOPP film roll
Available card
Thickness 0.25~0.84mm standard card

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