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Automatic IC Slot Milling Machine


LWAMIC6000 is operated on touch screen hunman-machine interface automatically and controlled by PLC. Servo system drive specially made belt send the card automatically and the parameter is adjustable which ensuring the card conveying fast and stable.
Multiple three-shaft positioning control system drives high speed motor milling the cards. The parameter is adjustabel which ensures he milling pattern variable.
It is adjustable for slot milling and processing IC card on raw card.
1、it incorporates card conveying , slot miling, slot cleaning , scrap collecting.
2、Belt conveying structure ensures card sending more faster and stable.
3、Double card conveying system enables two cards milled at the same time which guarantees the high efficiency of the machine.
4、Professional milling clamping tool and accurate positioning enable high precision of slot milling.
5、Three-shaft positioning control system drive servo motor to mill cards, the parameter of each shaft can be adjusted respectively, the milling precision can’t be effected by the diameter tolerance of the miling utter , with flexible.
6、Matching with double card and card direction testing function, when double card or card direction is not right , it will alert automatically, and stop.
7、Matching with card slot milling testing function, if there are something wrong , machine wil alert and stop.
8、High speed PLC program-control runs automatically, if there are something wrong , machine wil alert and stop.
Power supply
AC 380V 50/60 HZ
Control method
PLC program +3 axises servo system
Total power
6.0 KW
1 person
Air source
6kg/cm²(no water)
Mill head
Double heads
Air consumption
About 50L/min
Slot milling precision
X/Y: ±0.015mm Z: ±0.010mm
About 650Kg
Card specification
ISO CR80/IEC7810
4000~4500 pcs/hour
Overall dimension
L1750xW800xH1850 mm

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