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High Speed Code Embossing and Gilding Machine



LWTD400 controlled by PLC Automatically and operated on English and Chinese touch screen human-machine friendly interface, it is a intelligent machine incorporating function of big and small code embossing, gilding and card collection.
It is available for the code embossing and gilding of large quantities of series card.
(such as bank card, VIP card, internet card etc.)
1、The big, small and gilding modules are independently function modules, the position and the parameters(such as character, digit) for the modules can be adjusted,the big and small code embossing and gilding can be finished at the same time or to choose the function on the touch screen work independently,it is convenient to switch.
2、Double hydraulic punching heads are adopted as power, with good stability, and running speed and code punching stroke can be adjusted, with good effect.
3、The big or small codes can be arranged for max 20 digits, can meet the needs of embossing request bank cards.。
4、The error of code position is smaller than ±0.25mm
5、Stepping distance for gilding belt can be adjusted, which improves utilization rate of iron printing material.
6、Numbers that are not needed can be deleted by program setting (such as 4 and 7),just set up the skip numbers in the touch screen, the program will skip the numbers are set .
7、Use belt stack to collect cards, card collecting and testing will be executed at the same time
8、PLC control is adopted for automatic running and the machine will halt and alarm automatically in case of no card or trouble
9、The fonts are elegant and plump and gilding effect is good, rivaling fonts by advanced air jet code punching machine imported from the United States
10、Individuation character mould design which can be made according to machining as customer’s request(such as character of each country, currency symbol, Notec.)
Power source
AC 380V/50 HZ
Max. digit
Total power
Control method
PLC program+ stepping system
Air source
6 kg/c㎡(no water)
1 person
Air consumption
Overall dimension
Available card
Align at ISO CR-80-ISO7810 international standard
4000~5000 PCS/h
Character spec
Big code:highness5.0mm
Small code:highness 3.0mm
(as sample provided by clients)
Thickness of card
thickness 0.5~0.84mm standard card

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