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Wine&beer glass bottle delabeling and washing machine


Model 150 type of automatic bottle washer, which is used for diverse specifications of bottles. Whatever new or old bottles of beer, bottles of wine, bottles of beverage and so on.
Model 150 of automatic bottle washer is formed by steeper, outside brush machine, inside brush machine, bottle conveyer and so on : Due to the outside bruch is field fixer, the outside brush as adapting. 
The process of washing: 
Enter------steep and flush-----outside brush-----inside brush-----flush cleaning water into bottle------dry-----out 
(The temperature of hot containing soda:50-55℃, the concentration of containing soda is about 2.5%) 
bottle specification (cylindrical) 
external diameter: Ф56-Ф82mm 
hight: 180-290mm 
inner diameter of bottle: greater than 15mm 
 Max productivity: 7000-8000bottle/hour 
Clean up rate: greater than 90% 
Extract rate: 0.3%
total power: 9.72Kw , Voltage: 380V 
total weight: 5.2t 
external dimensions: 
Steeper: 3*2.2*1.5* (m)
Outside brush machine: 1.3*0.6*1.9 (m)
Inside brush machine: 2.3*1.3*1.5 (m)
Bottle conveyer: 8m (length)

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