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Plastic cup filling-sealing machine
Description: It is suitable for filling and sealing of plastic cup, box, bowl, bottle and etc. The working procedure such as electric temperature control, auto-filling, ultraviolet radiation sterilization, sealing, auto-edge cutting, auto-count, date printing can be finished in one period....

Auto plastic cup forming-filling-sealing machine
Features This machine can be used for packaging various kinds of cup or box type products, such as yogurt, milk, ice cream, jam, fruit concentrate, fruit juice, condiments, etc. The use is extensive. The mold structure can also be adapted to meet the requirements for other industries....

Coffee powder capsule filling and packing machine
Features LW60A Series Automatic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine has different kinds of filling pump to fit for filling the products with different viscosity, from beverage to creamy products, like Noodle, Gel, Jelly, Milk, Popsicle, Cream, Fruit Juice, by changing the screw feeder, it...

Features This machine is innovated by our technicians for filling all kinds of free flowing liquid, such as fruit jam, chocolate jam, butter, ketchup, etc. as well as biscuit, candy, troche, capsule and so on. It adopts with the PLC controlling system, firming, filling, sealing, date ...

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