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Single screw series extruder
Features 1. Suitable for all kinds of polyene material 2. For screw of different auxiliary machines are combined 3. Normal type and HMC micro computer controller can be chosen 4. Length/diameter ratio can be change (suitable between 25: 1-36: 1) 5. Speciall...

PVC profiles extruder
PVC Profiles Extruder 1. PVC Profiles Extruder suitable to produce PVC profile, multi-hole cable duct(4-hole, 6-hole, 7-hole option). The capacity of main extruder from 150kg/hour to 450kg/hour for option 2. Special design for haul-off units working stable, reliable and heavy duty force. 3. Vacuum s...

Double wall corrugated pipe extruder
Application:This kind of corrugated pipe is mainly used for underground water drainage system.Properties & Advantages:It is fully computer controlled, automatic production line. It features high and stable output capacity, and highly automatic operation. Extruder: Different types of extr...

Sheet extruder machine
Features Plastic sheet extruder is developed by taking the advanced technology from both home and abroad.It,s applicable to produce PP,PE and PS sheet, which are used to produce drinking cup,Ice-creamcup,jelly cup and so on. 1. The main parts such as screw,roller and Tdie are mad...

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