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Carbonated drink filling machine
Features The DCGF series 3-in-1 rinser filler capper monobloc carbonated drink filling bottling machine is used in production of plastic bottle packing carbonated drink. It can carry out rinsing bottle, filling and capping in one machine. The whole machine desig...

Water filling machine
Features XGF series 3-in-1 rinser filler capper monobloc water filling machine is mainly used for rinsing, filling and sealing non-gas drink such as mineral water, pure water, wine drink and so on.It adopts suspension conveying-bottle structure to make changing bottle shape mo...

Juice hot filling machine
Features RXGF series 3-in-1 rinser filler capper monobloc juice/tea hot filling machine is used in hot filling and sealing of green tea, black tea, wulong tea and fruit juice drink. The machine integrates rinsing, filling, capping together. The design is scientific and re...

Glass bottle filling machine
Features BCGF Series galss bottle 3-in-1 rinser filler capper monobloc filling Machine is used in glass bottle beverage production. The applicable bottle includes: Aluminum cap glass bottle, Crown cap glass bottle and Plastic cap glass bottle. Specifications Mod...

Barrelled water filling line
Features QGF series barrelled water filling line consists of rinsing, filling and capping. It is suitable for filling all kinds of round and square barrels. The production line adopts electric-program control. It has safe devices, such as interlock, signal, auto-check and so on.Its ke...

Juice/milk bottle aseptic filling line
Features Fit for sensitive and freshness high-required beverage filling aseptic filling system is designed according to the most advanced international ideologyInsulating cover is adopted in key parts of aseptic filling systemThe fittest antiseptics is selected to sterilize th...

Wine&beer glass bottle delabeling and washing machine
Features Model 150 type of automatic bottle washer, which is used for diverse specifications of bottles. Whatever new or old bottles of beer, bottles of wine, bottles of beverage and so on. Model 150 of automatic bottle washer is formed by steeper, outside brush machine, inside b...

Automatic plastic bottle unscrambler
Features The unscrambler is used for keeping the empty bottles in line and connected with the filling line. Specifications Production capacity:10000bph (500ML) Air supply pressure:0.7MPa Air consumption:1.5M3/ min Adaptive bottle:dia.50-90,heig...

Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler
Features 1. It consists of bottle feeder, host machine and conveying motor, PLC control system, touch screen and drive devices.2. This machine applies to foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, chemical and pesticide industries.3. Packing specification: ≤ 1 L4. When caps are changed, it’s easy...

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