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Simple and elegant office furniture
No matter work separate or together, our workstation series always can use the simple an elegant lines to draw an ideal office space for you. Features: Structure,simplicity,neat;Module,combine flexibly,changed freely;A confident design in sending out the elegant; A design which will lead the trend ...

Stool (used in factory)
Stool used in factory. Please check the PDF file for the whole office furniture design project.

Office chair
Office Chair. Please check the PDF file for the office furniture design project.

Diatom anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint
Our diatom anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, contains a suction force super natural diatom, opening a new blue ocean detergency, super efficient decomposition of formaldehyde in indoor air, so that you and your family to enjoy the indoor net fresh air when the product itself is ign...

Charcoal paint
Our bamboo charcoal paint used is natural bamboo as raw materials, temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius, in the absence of oxygen dry distillation charring. Bamboo charcoal porous factor easily absorb the added advantage of nature, make charcoal paint has a humidity effect, can effectively reduce...

Green latex paint
Our senior environmental latex paint is high-grade paint for wall decoration. This product is high hiding power, strong adhesion, alkali resistance prevents mold and algae fouling resistance is excellent scrub resistance and easy construction. This product is made of high quality pigments, with the...

JS composite waterproof coating
Product Description: JS composite waterproof coating is a green waterproof coating, recommended a national residential building waterproof coating. The material is a composite material made of an organic liquid and inorganic powder made of two-component waterproof coating with high flexibility of o...

Dry powder JS waterproof material
Product Description: Powder JS waterproof material is a green waterproof material, the material is a composite of an organic binder and inorganic powder made of waterproof material, with a simple construction, low cost, good waterproof effect and so on. usable range: Based on the dry powder JS ...

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