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Semi-auto capsule filling machine
Features The product is special capsule filling machine which is suitable for medium and small pharmaceutical factory, hospital preparation lab, etc. The machine is adopted programmable control system, touch panel operation, step-less transudation speed-shift, and electronic automatic...

Automatic capsule filling machine
Features automatic capsule filling machines are the advanced filling machines which are developed after absorbed many advantages of same kinds of machines inside and outside our country, which conform to GMP standard. 1.          &n...

Pharmaceutical equipment
We can undertake the following whole set production lines:   Whole set equipments for Chinese Medicine extracting&condensating system; Whole set equipments for big transfusion and spasmolytic system; Whole set equipments for biology ferment system; Raw material and composed medici...

Auto disposable syringe horizontal pillow packing machine
Features The whole control system of the machine adopts PLC technology and frequency-converting speed adjustment. The control panel utilizes touch screen, on which all parameters are shown so that trouble points are reduced. Trouble shooting function is available and enables human-mac...

Automatic Wafer Biscuit Production Line
Features This wafer machinery production line has the characteristic of reliable performance, high yield, low power, convenient maintenance, easy operation, and non environmental pollution. The electrical and mechanical units of the whole machine are international brand products, having...

Mask making machine
features Specifications

Syringe automatic assembly machine
  Features LW-005 Syringe automatic assemble machine adopts stable turnplate, drum type structure, it assures the machine work stable and smooth. The control system uses single-chip microcompututer, touch panel and Japan Mitsubishi inverter. The shell is made of stainless steel,...

Auto cereal chocolate bar production line
Features LW600 Cereal chocolate bars line automatic shaping machine is all kinds of sugar line produce equipment. It has all automatic continue technologic, high production advanced technology. Coordinate with the chocolate spray machine, it can produce all kinds chocolate compound prod...

Soft/Hard Biscuit Production Line
Features It is used to produce all kinds of hard biscuit, soft biscuit and soda biscuit. LW Series Biscuit Production line is the primary choice for the production of kinds of hard and soft biscuit. The biscuit plant equipments can be combined and displayed according to customer’s loc...

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