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Slot Milling Implantingand Testing Integrated Machine
Features LWAMIT4000 is automatically controlled by PC program and operated by large LCD. Using multi-spindles servo system mills slot, sends card and sends module, then seals and tests card. Paramters are adjustable, conveying speed is fast and precision is high. It is suitable for slot...

Automatic IC Card Slot Milling Machine
Features LWAMIC6000 is controlled by PLC program and it is operated and displayed by large LCD. Servo system drives special made belt automatically sends card and mills slot, parameters are adjustable which ensures the card conveying fast and stable. It is suitable for milling and proce...

Automatic IC Card ImplantingMachine
Features LWAIPT6000 is automatically controlled by PC program, and operated boy large LCD. Multigroup servo system matching with sensor automatically conveys card and IC module to seal. Parameters are adjustable, speed is fast and precision is high. It is adapable for implantingand proc...

ICModule Stripe Glue Laminating Machine
Features LWCML6000 is automatically controlled by program and is operated by colorized Chinese –Enlish touch screen, imported stepping dynamo conveys IC mould stripe and stepping glue laminating of hot weld glue. Production speed is fast, glue laminating precision is high. It is suitabl...

SIM-ONLY Card Implanting machine
Features LWAIPT900 controlled automatically by PLC program, showing and operate by friendly Chinese-English human machine, multi-group imported optic-sensor will support the servo to send the cards. Imported high precision robot hand to convey the IC module to implant directly, high spe...

Automatic GSM Card Punching Machine
Features LWGSM6000 incorporates card conveying, card direction testing, hole punching, crease pressing and cardcollecting,the machine is operated by colorized Chinese –English touche screen. Card sending and punching indentation are drived by servo system. Parameters are adjustable, spe...

Automatic MINI Card Punching Machine
Features LWMINI2000 incorporates card conveying, hole punching ,crease pressing .It is available for hole punching and  impress machining of different types of mini cards, The machine  is operated on touch screen human-machine interface automatically controlled by PLC, card se...

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